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Optimize your marketing campaigns. Maximize ROI with unique tools Virtuose™

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Flight Deck

Continuous access to updated information in real time is the key to the success of your business. With a unique solution that is Flight Deck™ you always have access to up-t-date KPIs for your campaign.

Information – here and now!

Campaign objectives, level of completion, expected values and alerts that inform you of events that require your attention - all available on a single screen.


Integrated Performance Marketing algotithm (Integrated Performance Engine) and the ability to effectively report the results to the Partners in real-time changes the definition of 'Performance Marketing' freeing it from the standard PM models (CPL, CPA, RS).

The optimization playgroung has just been leveled!

Performace Marketing is also a CPM, Flat Fee and any other model!

One tool - many possibilities

Create and manage multiple campaigns with one tool. Sales campaigns, branding and communication - all available at the click. Independent from IT, activate new channels, add partners and create dedicated landing pages. Observe growing results real-time in Flight Deck™

Unique way of leads management

Leads management is the art of optimizing of their life-cycle in all its aspects: contact, qualification and conversion to the customer or order. Virtuose with itse unique solutions for data exchange through virtual USB ports and an integrated Array of Performance Indicators (KPIs) allows you to analyze and optimize all key performance indicators in real-time.

Partners relations management

Good and lasting relationships with partners are the foundation of any business operating in the long term. Virtuose provides access to complete information on the data of all the partners, their potential and their history of cooperation and efficiency. Renegotiation of the contract has never been so easy!

Contac-center side leads management

Unleash the potential of your call center with advanced data transmission interfaces. Exchange of information with CRM, CMS, Call Center has never been so easy. Your contact center does not have an integrated.

Data exchange interface

Many campaigns require the submission of data to external Call Centers and CRM systems. Our technology Virtual-USB ports for quick and cost-effective way to connect Virtose systems guaranteeing customers the flexibility and performance.

Client communication

Virtuose provides a number of methods and channels of communication. You decide whether the communication is purely automatic (personalized e-mail or SMS) or may need an Agent.

Phone, sms, e-mail

Use phone, email and SMS gateway. Collect data on the preferred channel of contact and optimize the process.

Leads qualification

Consistent qualification process and follow-up'u is necessary in the process of transition lead to Customer. To ensure the implementation of the process at a high level, we provide a flexible system of leads history storing and nurturing.

Leads prioritization

One of the biggest challenges in the process of leads handling is the decision 'which lead should be served first'. Virtuose provides the functionality of automatic leads scoring that maximizes the probability of handling most valuable leads in the first place.

Nurturing and automatic email communication

Maintaining regular contact with leads, which are not ready to buy NOW" is key to the profitability of many businesses. Maximize the potential of your campaign by sending a tailores communication as a seemingly "cold leads" and gain another 40 ... 50 .. 60% of sales.

Leads sources integration

Half of the success of the campaign is an effective sales process. With a universal methodology to measure the effectiveness Virtuose integrates various streams of leads into one optimal model while providing instant access to detailed data showing the effectiveness of each Creative, Partner and Channel.

Landing Pages - API

A well-prepared landing page and incorporated application form constitute the milestones of your sales process. Thanks to the open architecture of the API, you can build outside the system, upload it and test - a set of performance indicators is always at hand. You can also create cross-sell Thank You Pages.

Reporting and analytics

With a unique Flight Deck™ solution you always have access to the latest information from your campaign. The details on specific partners, landing pages and creatives are available on dedicated screens - information is generated on the fly. You have access not only to the standard KPIs. Virtuose is the firstsystem in Poland with the ablity tomeasure indicators such as EBIT, Revenue and ROI - all in real-time.

Need dedicated reports for specified levels of management?

It's easy! Select a report from a wide range of analyzes available - Virtuoze automatically delivers it on time to the people you mentioned.

Data Strem Analysis

All Leads before further processing are analyzed in real-time right at the door-steo of Virtuoze. Intelligent Alerts system notifies you about 'fake leads' attempts and advises you on wich Partner you should focus your attention. The platform will remind you on depleating campaign budget and many other events you should react to.

The scope of the data analysis

Need to implement real-time deduplication process? It's so easy! One click and the process is ON - now only set the data range of the analysis will commence. Another stem on the optimization path is done.

Integrated Solutions

Maximize the effects of your actions through the synergy between platforms: AdCarousel and Virtuose. The combination of these technologies is your guarantee of optimizing the sales process from the level of communication (voice maximize CTR) to the leads sales quality and further to LTV.